Hungry in London

Since moving to London in late December I have had the pleasure of sampling some truly spectacular food. Anyone who knows me well knows my greatest weakness in life lies in cheese (melted in a sandwich, on a cracker, straight up; I don’t discriminate). It is this love that first brought me to some of the greatest food markets London has to offer. In this article I will chronicle my eating adventures at my favorite market of all, Borough Market. Other notable mentions include Camden Lock Market, Southbank Centre Food Market, and Old Spitalfields Market.   

On Borough Market: 

Borough Market was the first market I went to in London, as I am fortunate to live just a 10-minute walk away.  While this proximity may be detrimental for both my wallet and ability to put on my skinny jeans, it has become my favorite destination for creative, mouthwatering food.

Some highlights include fior d'arancio blue cheese from the “Drunk Cheese” food stall. Yes, you heard that correctly, Drunk Cheese specializes in Italian cheese, all made with different kinds of alcohol. While you can’t go wrong with any of the cheese stalls at Borough, this one is definitely a stand out.

Next up is the breakfast Burger from “Boston Sausage.” This delightful creation includes a sausage patty, arugula, and hollandaise sauce. I discovered this gem relatively early one Saturday morning just as the market was opening. I was immediately intrigued by the stall’s name and of course had to see if the Boston they were referring to was the one I know and love. Sadly, the Boston in the name is referring to Boston, England and not my beloved Boston, Massachusetts, where I attend college. 

Craving something sweet? I highly recommend a trip to the “Bread Ahead Bakery” stall for a blackberry jam filled donut. I cannot effectively describe how good this donut was. It was so good that I messily ate it in record time and hours later found jam all over my shirt, arm, phone, and shoes. #NoRegrets. 

Last but not least is Pad Thai from the “Kanom Krok” stall. I had wanted to try this out for a while after seeing countless people walking around with it. The dish did not disappoint and was the perfect option for eating on the go.

I would like to tell you that I didn’t eat most of the foods listed above all in one day, but if I did, I would be lying. Make sure to come to Borough with an empty stomach and cash as the stalls are almost all cash only. 

By Victoria Liceaga