Susana Tsang's 5 Tips to Staying Healthy

Susana Tsang, Founder of the blog GoGreenGoLean shares her five tups for staying healthy year round. 

1. Meal Prep

Weight loss consists of two important components, the food and the workout.  I ensure that I meal prep/plan ahead what I will eat for my next meal. This way I know how my food is prepared and I am able to avoid making bad last-minute decisions due to hunger. 

2. Stay Organized and Plan out Your Day


Plan out your day the night before to ensure you schedule time for a good workout at the gym or outdoors. This way you know what you need to pack for the day. Carrying your gym gear around with you will push and influence you to go to the gym even more! Prioritize exercise over certain unnecessary activities. If the gym is not an option for you, then try and stay active during the day, like taking the stairs over a lift!

3. Eat Clean


Although eating clean/healthy is the key component, it’s impossible to eat perfectly 100% of the time. Take your cheat meals in moderation. When craving something sweet try to opt for a healthier cheat option, for example, swapping a cookie for sugary grapes or making your own banana bread from scratch. Try to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, by swapping out high-carb foods, such as eating more broccoli over potatoes or snacking on more natural foods like cherry tomatoes, both filling and relatively low in calories. Most importantly drink plenty of water, at least two to three litres per day, and avoid high-sodium food as it leads to water retention, i.e. bloating.

4. Stay Motivated


One way that really helps boost motivation is social media! Keep track of your progress through taking photos or keep a log of what you eat, seeing the small changes occur over time will make you want it even more. Follow fitness people on YouTube or exercise/recipe pages on Instagram to give you that extra kick when you’re feeling low. Don’t ever strive to be like someone or compare your body with others. Have your own goals as everyone’s body is different, and do what makes you happy.

5. Spread out your meals

Never suffer through hunger whilst eating clean and staying healthy as this ultimately leads to unhealthy cravings and over-eating. A great way to feel satisfied all day is to plan out your meals at the right times, eat smaller portions more frequently whilst still meeting your calorie requirements. I tend to eat or snack every two hours with food before a workout (one to two hours before), making sure I have enough energy and a post-workout meal to replenish any lost nutrients and muscle. 

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